What you didn’t know about the photographer:

  • She is owned by a Golden Retriever
  • She has a degree in Computer Science but she ended up doing one in Photography
  • She loves French Fries  deep in Vanilla Ice-Cream
  • Is a Starbucks addict {She admits that in public}
  • She loves Instagraming
  • Adores to photograph the furriest members of each client family She have ever met
  • Love to travel, meet new cultures
  • She wanted to study Architecture but she never made to the faculty
  • She can tell you when somebody’s lying
  • She worked as a Web Designer for 3 years
  • It took her 9 years to figured out that she was meant to be a pet photographer
  • She likes everything fashion, jewelry and makeup
  • Love cars
  • As everyone else in this world she loves movies and music

She’s not fond on doing portraits of anybody or weddings unless involves a pet but if you want to HIRE her just write her at: kzambrano@kristinazambrano.com and she will be happy to help you out

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