kristina zambrano

A Venezuelan-Spanish born multimedia developer, her career journey began in 2005 when she graduate from Nueva Esparta University as a Computer Scientist, during her degree she found out she was fond to the Web-Graphic Design industry after she took Programming #6 in her 6th Semester towards her Bsc. in Computer Science degree, after graduating from university she did work as a Web Developer for several companies in Venezuela, in 2008 she moved to Canada, to do her degree in Digital Photography at the Vancouver Institute of Media Arts in Vancouver, British Columbia, she then pursued the Pet Photography Industry, in 2013 she went back to Venezuela and got her degree in Social Media Management at the Venezuelan Central University (Internet Institute) after that in June 2016 moved to the UK to develop her Multimedia Career.

She has been multiple internationally awarded in her photography career, she also likes to volunteer for animal welfare organisations and rescues. To follow her photography career please visit WWW.K9STUDIOPHOTOGRAPHY.COM